Who We Are

Welcome to Hayes Institute of Hotel Management, where we educate the next generation of leaders for the world's largest and most dynamic industry ie. Hotel Industry. We strongly believe in nurturing talent. 

Hayes Institute of Hotel Management, ie. Hospitality And You Education Services makes hospitality and service industry education personnels! We provide comprehensive training in the field of Hospitality, Social graces & Communication.

At HAYES you are encouraged to take up projects, work in teams or individually, explore, question, dream and discuss. You also learn to develop management skills at a relatively early stage.

We are a bunch of committed, passionate individuals who believe each one of us is unique and hence requires a special path designed only for them.  

HAYES is a seminal approach to hospitality education & training.  We don’t teach, or preach, we engage.  Learning is a potent combination of generally accepted principles, written material, personal experiences and a vision of the future to be.  Holistic Techniques such as problem based learning, visualization, accelerated learning are used and encouraged.

- Thinking cannot be classroom taught; only encouraged.  
- Creativity cannot be forced only fostered.

If there is one take away from what HAYES does and stands for, it is summed up in this quote from Ayn Rand – "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.

HAYES emboldens you to think beyond what is supposed to be ‘good enough’.
HAYES stands for the WOW, the Remarkable and not just the Very Good.

Mission :

Providing career & exposure with leading 5-Star Hotel Chains to an aspiring candidate.


Transforming an IHM Entrant into a thorough professional by creating a leading platform in the field of hospitality training.