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Established in 1953, the Educational Institute, one of the finest nonprofit member benefits of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, is the premier source for delivering quality hospitality education, training and professional certification that serves the needs of hospitality schools and industries worldwide.

The Educational Institute continues to meet and exceed its education and training mission by providing materials for all levels of hospitality personnel via: online learning, distance learning courses, videos, seminars, textbooks, and study guides.

Professional certification from the Educational Institute is the ultimate distinction of professional excellence for the hospitality industry. The Educational Institute certifies and validates competencies in conjunction with academia and industry experts for over 35 positions in the hospitality industry; designations from front-line to general manager, including the prestigious CHA - the Certified Hotel Administrator.

The Educational Institute extends its reputation around the globe to serve the needs of learning institutions and hotel organizations through more than 90 licensed affiliates in 54 countries. The Educational Institute also has an official office located in India, and holds exclusive Hospitality Education Program (HEP) license agreements in 45 countries connecting the Educational Institute's research and expertise to hospitality operations throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. EI's 2010 audited financial statements and 2009 FORM 990 , “Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax,” provides details of its operations and financial positions.

Curriculum Options

Before any Educational Institute textbook  ever reaches your classroom…

Research into changing business needs and demographics helps identify the competencies tomorrows hospitality leaders must have.

Top subject matter experts are recruited as textbook authors.

Leading educators and industry professionals review the content for relevance and completeness.

Experienced editors apply instructional design and ensure accuracy, consistency, and readability.

In addition to individual course certificates offered for EI’s 30-plus hospitality management courses, EI also offers groupings of courses that, taken together, enable your students to earn additional credentials. Your account executive can work with you to develop a curriculum for your school’s program that will enable students to earn these additional certificates. Your program choices are formalized through our Academic Partnership Agreement.

AHLEI joins hands with HAYES IHM and offers International qualification  following unique courses for Career Development of Students at very reasonable costs. These courses are not only recognized worldwide by leading 5- star Hotel chains Pan India, but, also open doors to various career opportunities abroad:-

-              01 year certificate Course in Hospitality management

-              02 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management.


Program Content of AHLEI 01 Year Certificate Course





Foundation & Development of Hotel Industry



Front Office Operations



Housekeeping Department



Food and Beverage Service Industry


Elective Subject:

 Food Production / Food & Beverage Service


Program Content : AHLEI 02 Years Diploma In Hotel Management 





Supervision in Hospitality Management



Hospitality Facilities management



Front Office Operations



House Keeping Operations



Human Resource Management



The Lodging & Food Service Industry



Food & Beverage Service Operations



Hospitality Sales & Marketing



Hospitality Law



Hospitality Sales & Marketing



Leadership & Management in Hospitality Industry



Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting


Elective Subject:

 Food Production Principles