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Career In Hotel Management After 12th

Career in Hotel Management after 12th – Gone is the time when doctor and engineer are the only career options for 12th standard pass outs. Now even parents are supporting their children for choosing a career of their choice. And you will surely love to pick one with stable and high growth patterns. Then this information for a career in hotel management after 12th can be valuable for you. Because if this is your interest area, congratulations you are liable to relish a successful future career.

The colossal growth of the hospitality sector is not hidden from anyone of us. In addition, the globalization is making this business field grow even more. Consequently to the increasing paying capacity of people, they are finding ways to spend their leisure time with the best hospitality service providers. Therefore the career in hotel management after 12th will really be the right decision.

The field is growing at such a fast rate that it is demanding more and more manpower for its smooth functioning. In order to fulfil this shortfall, there are options available to join hotel management courses after 10th. One other good reason can be the vast scope of hotel management worldwide. Approximately 3 million people are enjoying their HM career throughout the world. Keep engaged with us in order to traverse the career opportunities in HM after 12th.

Hotel Management Courses after 12th

The vocational HM training courses are several in number. So it would really be a task of greater confusion for you to select one among all best options. Either you can go for HM degree courses or can also opt for diploma courses. The hospitality industry is offering end number of career courses and therefore training the aspirants in several areas of operations.

This growing industry is sharing its success and growth with the country’s and world’s economy too. Higher employability is one perk of prime significance. And the eligibility will somewhat be the same for all the courses. And the percentage required for hotel management after 12th is 50% with the minimum age of 17 years. We will be enlisting here HM courses you can join after 12th, check them out.

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

BHM is an HM degree program which is having a higher preference of the major aspirant’s population. This degree program is most probably 4 years and is a regular one. While in some cases, some universities are there which are available for 3-year BHM too. The BHM course fees will be around 3-8 lacs.

The 8 semester HM course will train you in both the facets of theoretical and practical aspects in the hospitality sector. What are the subjects in hotel management? The course contents will almost be similar for all undergraduate degree or diploma programs. And the BHM course contents will include the following learnings, scroll here.

  • Food production.
  • Nutrition and food science.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Front end operations.
  • Communication skills.
  • Event management.
  • Accounting.
  • Business law and ethics.
  • Public relations.

In addition to these quality course contents, you will also come to grab about HR management, entrepreneurial skills, management skills, accounting, and travel management. With different university, BHM subject list may differ a little.

B.Sc. in Hotel Management

Another undergraduate HM degree program is B.Sc. in Hotel Management. The duration of the course is 3 years. In this 3-year degree program, the first two years will include the introduction to common areas of the hospitality sector. Then in the last two semesters, you can choose the speciality of your choice.

Most probably the speciality choices will include housekeeping, kitchen, and front office. You will be trained for general hotel administration activities, how to manage and run a hotel well, etc. The B.Sc. in HM course fees will be 1-4 lacs approximately. The B.Sc. in Hotel Management subject list will be as follows.

  • Food production.
  • Hotel management and administration.
  • Tourism and travel management.
  • Event management.
  • Marketing management.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Front office management.
  • Travel management.
  • Communication skills.

BBA in Hotel Management

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. If you have better entrepreneurial skills and want to enjoy the HM career in the lights of business perspective, BBAHM can be a much better option. Again the time period will be of 3 years.

The course will not only be preparing for hotel management operations but you will also come to know other business aspects of the course. The fee structure will fall in between 1-3.5 lacs and the following will be the learnings in this course.

  • Fundamentals of management and hospitality management.
  • Food and beverage services.
  • Financial management.
  • Cooking methods.
  • Housekeeping operations.
  • Hospitality accounting.
  • Front office operations.

Apart from this other learnings will include personality development, HR policies, tourism infrastructure, legal frameworks, advertising and promotion etc. So there is much more you will learn in this 3-year degree program and then relish lucrative HM career opportunities.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Another option for the career in hotel management after 12th is HM diploma courses. These diploma courses may either for 6 months or can be up to 2 years. The choice is all yours to select any diploma course. These courses are for those who want to save their 1 or 2 years on degree programs. But we must tell you that the degree courses hold more value than the diploma courses. The major learnings in this course are listed below, have a look.

  • Communication skills.
  • Food production.
  • Principles of hotel and tourism management.
  • Management skills.
  • Front office operations.
  • Housekeeping.

BA in Hotel Management

You are available with one more option i.e., BAHM. The ones interested to continue their HM career for arts stream, this course is must to choose. This is a full time 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree program. And the course fee will be around 1-5 lacs. And the major learnings in this HM undergraduate degree course will be as follows.

  • Management principles.
  • Food and nutrition.
  • Hygiene and sanitation.
  • Hotel costing and management accounting.
  • Cooking methods.
  • Travel and tourism management.
  • Hotel housekeeping.

There are many more areas of hospitality you can explore in this degree program. Therefore you are handy with such a plethora of options. Aforementioned courses are just an overview of the field. There are several specialities in the field which you can make the selection from.

Careers in Hotel Management

What job opportunities after hotel management? The vast area network of hospitality throughout the world is providing plenty of career growth platforms. And the major perk of choosing hotel management as a career option is the abundance of jobs. You need not get tossed about here and there for a job. And choosing postgraduation hotel management courses after graduation will really add value to your resume and will offer better work opportunities.

The more dedication and keenness you will show towards your career, handsome hotel manager salary packages will be there in your hands with the highest paid HM jobs. Some of the areas you can enjoy your career in hotel management after 12th standard are listed here, look which you are interested in.

  1. Hotel managers.
  2. Front office manager.
  3. Assistant managers.
  4. Catering manager.
  5. Executive chef.
  6. Food and beverage manager.
  7. Stewards.
  8. Banquet managers.
  9. Restaurant and food service managers.
  10. Executive Housekeeper.
  11. Floor supervisor.
  12. Marketing and sales manager.

These are some of the major career opportunities in Hotel Management after 12th class after completing an HM degree or diploma course from a reputed HM institute. You can also keep yourself associated with the hospitality industry and your main streams like commerce or science. For that, you can enjoy the job opportunities in the accounts department, HR department, marketing department, forecasting department, engineering department, and tour and travel too.

What is the Starting Salary of Hotel Management?

How is hotel management as a career? The most confusing phase for your career is when you have completed your 12th. And now its time to pick a career field. Nowadays with the flexibility of mindset of parents, children are free to choose a career which they find best for you.

Hotel Management career is letting a number of aspirants to live their dreams to the fullest. This is the most glamorous and luxury job as well. But only then when you are able to make it a luxury job for you. Enjoying your job roles and responsibilities in 5-star hotels is really delighting. The field offers you end number of opportunities, the only thing you are required to do is to keep collecting knowledge and experience and keep growing.

Then it comes to the starting salary after hotel management. The start may take from Rs 15,000-15,000. And there is no end limit. It completely depends upon your efforts and hard work to raise your salary figure.


So this is all are the courses which you can opt for and then relish the bright career in hotel management after 12th. Further studies after HM graduation courses can be of immense significance for a fruitful career. You can check and compare the hotel management courses in India after 12th fees in different colleges and then pick a convenient one for you. Apart from this, you need to check the hotel management course detail of every particular course you are interested in and then make a right and wise career choice.

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