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Career Scope Of Hotel Management In India

Career scope of Hotel Management in India – Back in the older days, people did not prefer to work in the Hotel industry. The scope of hotel management in abroad is very much wide. But, in the recent times, the career scope in Hotel Management and catering in India is increasing beyond limits. Consequently, most of the students are now taking interest in studying these courses to attain a better future. To make things easier for you, here, we will discuss the scope of Hotel Management in the future. 

career scope of Hotel management in India

There are many options in the career fields that you can take up after completing your school. Because the career scope in hotel management and catering is really having the fruitful growth. Consequently, the different aspects like the career in hotel management after 10th and 12th, salary, jobs, and scope are attracting the youngsters towards it. In addition, you can easily search the information online regarding hotel management careers, courses, colleges and several other necessary information.

The hotel industry has now become one of the most result -oriented fields in the country and worldwide. You get a tremendous amount of job options after getting a degree in Hotel Management. Those who want the answer for what is the scope of hotel management in India can surely go through the further information.

Increasing scope of Hotel Management career in India

Hotel Industry is clearly one of the most fun and exciting place to a part of. And it is also visibly a necessary part of our country. The hotel and tourism sector has taken a hike in the last few years like never before. There are many optional careers in hotel management after graduation. Because with increasing economic process, job opportunities for hotel management students aren’t solely restricted to the country, however, there are several chains of hotels that operate internationally providing the scope of a career abroad.

It’s a glamorous profession that encompasses a bright future. With this expansion of the hotels in the country, the requirement for the professionals has increased impressively. In this piece of information, you can get to know about the hotel management career scope, courses, eligibility, colleges, jobs, and salary.

Job prospects in Hotel management

There are a number of hotel manager career options in India and you can get career guidance for the hotel manager as well from a best guide. Now, most people think of Hotel Management as a medium to become a chef. But this is definitely not true, you can get the opportunity in various fields. If you are yet not aware of the places where you can get jobs after studying this specific course then do not worry. There are many jobs in the hospitality sector and the future and scope of hotel management in India are vast. Scroll down to check the job areas you can join.

  1. Airline catering.
  2. Club management.
  3. Hospital administration and catering.
  4. Hospitality services in Navy, cruise, MNCs and various other places.
  5. Kitchen Management.
  6. Catering departments.
  7. Self-employment or basically an entrepreneur.

Salary Packages of Hotel management in India

The salaries in this field are completely dependent on your knowledge and experience. Entry-level salaries increase as you get old in this profession. Every specific field has different salary packages. In addition, the salaries become more impressive when you choose to work in any foreign land. The starting salaries after Hotel management or in this field are from 8- 10 thousand rupees and keep on increasing with time.  Consequently, the limited fees for hotel management course in India can give you better salaries in the future for sure. You can also go through the hotel management course details here.

What is the eligibility criteria for entering the hotel industry?

Now that we are done with the career scope of HM in India, we must also know the eligibilities for entering in this field. Because this is one of the best courses that can give you a better career in hotel management after 12th.  Unlike the other courses, this does not demand you to hold a high tech degree. Below mentioned are some of the eligibilities that are important for a person to join HM.

  1. Minimum qualification necessary for a hotel management course is 10+2.  Depending on the cost and duration of the course, one can opt for a certificate, diploma or degree course.
  2. Certificate courses can be of six months to one-year duration, a diploma of two years and a degree course of three-year duration.
  3. Selection in the government based colleges or places depends on the scores of the entrance exams.

Recent Scenario of Hotel management in India

Hotel management stands for specialized management methods implemented in the hotel and hospitality industry. The domain of hotel management comprises housekeeping, hotel administration, food and beverages management, front office, upkeep, marketing, and accounts. Hotel management is one of the lucrative and promising career options of the present-day scenario. Below mentioned are some of the stats that define the demand for HM in India. 

  • Tourism in India accounts for 9.6 percent of the GDP and is the 3rd largest foreign exchange earner for the country
  • The tourism and hospitality sector’s direct contribution to GDP in 2016, was US$ 71.53 billion. This becomes one of the major reason for students to join this field.
  • The hotel management salary in India is also really attractive and satisfactory in nature.


Therefore, if you have been looking for what is hotel management all about, then we hope this might have been helpful. The hotel industry is growing immensely in the recent times and is becoming one of the fanciest professions. In addition, the salary package after hotel management in India is attracting the interest of most of the job aspirants. So, if you have any second thoughts about choosing this stream then go through the above information.

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