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Cookery Courses In Jammu & Kashmir

Cookery courses in Jammu & Kashmir- Are you looking for the best institute for catering classes in Jammu & Kashmir? If yes, you are at the right place. Here we have the best and top most institute for your perfect learning and Now you can get the best training for your catering course in our Institute i:e Hayes Institute of Hotel Management. To know more information, feel free to call us on 8146608183. Or you can also send us your queries by emails as well info@hayeseducation.com, hayesihm@gmail.com.

Cookery courses in J&K

We are the topmost catering company in Jammu & Kashmir with the best training delivery. We have the top rank in delivering the best quality services in Jammu & Kashmir. Our company has the best management system with the friendly environment and we access you easily learning with the latest and modern techniques.

Why Should You Choose Career In Catering?

In modern times, the Hospitality industry is in the boom. The hospitality industry is growing day by day and many of the Hospitality delivery companies are growing and changing as per the time. Like we can take the example of the change in catering services, In old times people only believe in the taste of food and doesn’t care about the hygiene and presentation, but as per time changes, presentation and hygiene are playing the main role in food.

The more and more the person is presentable the more customer he will be going to attain and the Plesant environment helps the customers to choose the best place to avail various kind of services. That’s why Catering plays an important role and hospitality industry is growing as per the changing the environmental facts. Now if you are focusing your career on hospitality industry it is one of the best careers right now. So, make sure you have the perfect vision and mission to pursue your career in Hospitality industry. So, choose wisely and think highly.

Benefits of Choosing our Catering Classes in Jammu & Kashmir

There is a lot of scope in pursuing the catering courses nowadays because of the growing importance and demand for the food and hotel industry. Here we have brought you the list of the top advantages of catering courses in J&K.


One of the biggest factors nowadays. People prefer to do work or study where there is an appreciation as per their work. We all know that catering plays an important role in hospitality if you work at kitchen you will appreciate by people outside who are consuming your products and services. If you deliver the best quality be ready to get a lot of appreciation from everyone.

More Comfort

Once you are able to achieve the goal you settled to prove yourself then efforts made by you must be less because now you will be going to train others to work for you. And the appreciation is double the time by consumers and by students also for believing in them and if you have a  catering business, you will need extra hands on a weekend or for a specific events.


The hospitality industry is one of the most creative platforms to deliver you services by the new innovation as well as creativity. New dishes and spices will help you to create your different image in front of many individuals and you can impress the maximum number of people within limited time also.


Hospitality industry understanding is not an easy thing but here Hayes Institute is a leading catering services brand that means we have the perfect and best knowledge of catering services to delivery all over the world as in Jammu & Kashmir also.  Below mentioned are some of the benefits of choosing our institute over others.

  • Our institute provides the 100% placement surety all their students.
  • The institute also has many tie-ups for industrial training with 5-star properties as well as 7-star properties.
  • Each year all students are able to get placed by Hayes Institute at their dream destination also with gaining the perfect skills by us.
  • Also, we provide the scholarship as well for defence wards, single child and for the girl child.


We hope that you will definitely like our institute and expect that surely join us if you are looking for the best catering courses in Jammu & Kashmir. We deliver the best knowledge to our students. Yes, we know that it is hard to do long and tiring shifts but if you want the positive and the best opportunity in a hospitality career. So, join our institute to make your career shine like a sun.

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