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Hotel Management Salary In India

Hotel Management Salary in India – Hospitality industry is full of career growth opportunities. It is acting as a driving force in the economic growth of the country by contributing around 7.5% GDP growth. In addition, the tourism industry forms a major part of that hospitality industry and is contributing 9.4% of GDP to the Indian economy. Different surveys are showing well about the growth in the sector. So you can enjoy the best jobs and Hotel Management salary in India.

Hotel management salary in India

Opportunities are not only restricted to the country only, but you can go and explore the HM jobs and salaries in foreign countries too. Consequently to the increasing disposable income of the middle class and preferences to utilising the leisure time well with travelling and hospitality, employment, as well as growth, is more. About 41.622 million jobs have emerged in the year 2017. And the arrival of 10 million tourists is also responsible for the high employment and lucrative Hotel management salary in India.

More skilled and experienced you will be in your work, more chances are there to have a successful HM career. And the benefit of choosing this line is that there will be no decline in the HM scope, growth, and jobs. So it will be a wise move to make a career choice in the hospitality industry. The enjoyment of Hotel Management salary in India and abroad is quite good with time. But for that proper training and skills are in need.

Hotel Management Scope and Jobs

Globalization has led to the amazing growth in the hospitality and tourism industry. And India is the most incredible and cost-efficient travel destination, is attracting a huge set of travellers every year. And with the amelioration of the hospitality services in India, the country is becoming the most loved and preferred travel destination of most of the population.

This is automatically generating the huge employment in the country. Consequently, end number of HM job vacancies in India is there. After noticing the impressive contribution to the GDP, the government is also promoting different hotel management training institutes and jobs also. Therefore it seems to be the best career line for you. The HM job areas will be one of them mentioned below or there can be some other job role too, scroll down to go through.

  • Hospitality in Multi National Companies.
  • Cruise ship hotel management.
  • Forest Lodges.
  • Guest houses.
  • Resorts.
  • Hospitals administration and catering.
  • Hotel and tourism.
  • Airline hospitality.
  • Hotels and restaurants catering.
  • Railway catering.
  • Hospitality in Navy.

And the list contains many more job areas in the list. The problem is not to get the job in this line, the concern lies in how to enhance your skills in the field. So that you can earn a handsome hotel management salary in India and abroad as well.

Choose the Best Institute to Get the Best HM training in India

The foundation needs to be strong enough to offer you a successful HM career. By foundation, we mean to choose the best knowledge source to get trained for your future HM career. Undoubtedly there are thousands of options for the hospitality training colleges in India but be careful during the selection.

You can select Hayes Institute of Hotel Management for best placements in India. The institute is offering some additional courses too which enhances your skills to the best and let you explore the Hotel Management jobs and salaries abroad too. So prepare yourself to work in any work environment.

Salary Package After Hotel Management in India

What is the average salary that a hotel manager gets in India? How much can I earn after completing my HM degree in India? What is the highest paid job in hospitality? All these questions must be disturbing most of the HM students or who are convincing themselves to choose this career course. The salary of an HM diploma holder in India will start from Rs 12,000-15,000.

And the Hotel Management degree salary in India will offer you a job at Rs 15,000-20,000. With experience, you can grow up to Rs 30,000. Your skills and knowledge will be the deciding factor for your career success and promotions. Be keen to learn and grab as more as you can to become the head hotel manager to earn well. Therefore the HM pay scale in India is quite satisfactory and motivating for all the aspirants.


So choose the best hotel management institute and explore every knowledge area with excellence. Your hard work and passion will be the key factor to help you earn a handsome Hotel Management salary package in India and in foreign countries as well. Experience will add up really a great value to your position and promotions. So be attentive and active to grasp and explore the best HM career opportunities in India.

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