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Jobs And Salary Of Chefs In India

Jobs and Salary of Chefs in India- If you are pursuing your career in Hotel Management then you must be curious to know the scope of jobs and salaries of chefs n India. If we talk about the scope then there is a huge growth in this particular field. Hayes is one of the top institutes which helps you to reach greater heights in the Hotel Management field and opens up the doors of a lot of great opportunities. 
Jobs and salaries of chef in India

The jobs for the chef is also in great demand as best hotel industries hire the highly professional and skilled chef for their luxurious hotels and provide a handsome salary for that. Most of you must be curious to become a chef due to attractive jobs and salaries of Chefs in India.

In today’s era, the number of recruitments in hotel and catering industry has increased, top-notch hotels hire professional and skilled chefs for their hotels, it is one of the best careers to go for with a good amount of salary.

Demand for chefs in India

Today cooking is a high flying career option which is in great demand.  The skills of a chef have become a combine passion and top career option with the creativity and art of cooking. There are a plethora of courses range in food processing, catering, the demand for professional and competent chefs has increased widely.

There are categories of chefs, and together the team works professionally to satisfy the belly of the customers. Here are the categories of Chef.

  • Executive Chef- Including personal management, menu creation, and business aspects., Executive chef controls everything inside the kitchen.
  • Sous Chef- These looks after the coasting, planning, ordering, basically these are assistant chefs.
  • Expeditor– These takes care of timings and management. And makes sure that the food is plated in time for waiters to serve orders.
  • Cooks and Assistants- These chefs are assigned with specific duties in the kitchen.  A person starts from Commi3, then Commi 2, Commi 1. And Chef-de-Partie usually made in charge of one section like  Chineses, Italian, French, continental, banquet, pastry etc.

    Salaries of Chef in India

    If we talk about the salaries of the Chef in India than undoubtedly chef are churning handsome salaries. But the salary criteria varies from hotel to hotel. 5-7  or above hotels have different salary criteria, 3-4 have different. It completely depends upon the hotel. But for sure this career pays a good amount to the chefs. Below is the chart showing the average annual salary of the chefs in India.

Designation Average Annual Salary
Executive Chef Rs.680,600
Executive Housekeeper Rs.635,000
Duty Manager Rs.575,060
Food and Beverage Manager Rs.565.800
Front Office Manager Rs.488,000
General Manager Rs.1,650,000
Housekeeping Assistant Rs.272,000
Human Resources, (HR) Manager Rs.742,000
Restaurant Manager Rs.565,450
Sous Chef Rs.488,500
Resident Manager Rs.655,300
Operations Manager Rs.860,000
Cafe Manager Rs.542,800
Asst Manager-Service Rs.442,000
Bartender/Service Staff Rs.388,000
Boutique Manager Rs.528,300

Hayes the Best Education Hotel Management Institute

If you are planning to go for chef career. Or any in Hotel Mangement, than no other option is better than Hayes Institute of Hotel Mangement. The institute provides a number of courses. And best training to the students who want to pursue their career in this fields.

Students from Hayes Institute are earning very well not only in India but abroad as well. With best chef training the institute makes the students skilled. So we will make you grab the best jobs and salaries for chefs in India and abroad as well.


Go for the Chef career with Hayes Institute of Hotel Management and add wings to your career. The courses and training Hayes provides takes you to the best hotel industries with heavy salary amount. There are lots of opportunities for chefs in India and abroad as well. This is one of the best careers to go for. Hayes makes sure to provide you with the best training ever and makes you reach higher in your career.

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