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Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India

Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India – The hotel or hospitality industry is in huge demand worldwide and if you are having plans to make the career in this field then the scope is tremendously high. The Indian food and grocery market is the sixth biggest market in the world. The rate of people switching the industry increasing rapidly every year. So if you are surfing the internet for top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India then you are at right place.

The demand is huge for the students who are into Hotel Management field that the industry offers with a good amount of salaries that boosts up the career of the students. The students have a great interest in the field that is why the number of students goes for the best hotel management colleges in India. 

India is rich in the hotel industry with the best hotel Management colleges or institutes.  Many people already pursuing this great career and getting commendable growth. The opportunities are innumerable in this field, that is why students are moving the heads towards this industry. Let’s know about the Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India. 

Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India

Choosing the best Hotel management College would keep a strong foundation of your bright career. That is why there is a need to study the best hotel management institutes which can add wings to your career to the next level. If you are going for admission in this field then here is a compiled list  Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India below.

Hayes Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh

Hayes Institute of Hotel Management is one of the top private hotel management colleges in India. It provides superlative education and training to the students. And makes them the highly professional employees in the industry. The college offers many courses in hotel management. That boosts up the potential of the students and make them stand above in this field.

Fortunately, the job opportunities will rise rapidly once you have certification from Hayes Institute of Hotel Management. You can get the job offers from abroad as well and get to work with leading 5 star hotels in India too. This will add an x-factor to your curriculum vitae. Here are the more glimpse of joining Hayes Institute of Hotel Management.

  • India’s top hotel management institute.
  • The staff is highly professional and well experienced.
  • Offers many hotel management courses.
  • Talent acquisition activities.
  • Great job opportunities with 100% placement offers.

Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Delhi    

IHM Delhi was established in 1962, this institute was set up under the ministry of food. This institute is one of the well-renowned institutes of Hotel Management in India which provides the best education and training to the students and makes them professionally sound with the number of great job opportunities.  IHM, Delhi was set up by the Government of India (GOI), therefore is one of the top 10 government Hotel Mangement colleges in India.

Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Mumbai       

Among the list of top 10 hotel management colleges in India 2018, IHM Mumbai is holding the top position. The Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai was established in 1954.  This institute is well known as t is best hotel management institute in India, which offers innumerable courses in this field and the people from this institutes are n huge posts in this industry. This is one of the most famous hotel management institute in India.

Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal

The Hotel Management Institute known by everyone is WGSHA, recognized by the International Hotel Association (IHA), Paris.  The Institute is mugged up with the number of students and the highly professional staff that provides training to the students in such a way that they become skilled in the field perfectly and get great job opportunities.

Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Chennai 

The IHM, Chennai was established in 1963 by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The students prepare for the good score to get admission in this institute of hotel management as it is the top college in India for hotel management. The students are so well trained that they get job offers from abroad hotel industry and earns a great salary scale.

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad

IHM, Hyderabad was established in 1972, by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.  The institute is affiliated to the fold of National Council for Hotel management. This institute is more in demand by the students who want to build a strong career in the field. With the certification of this institute, one gets huge job opportunities.

Department of Hotel Management, Christ University, Bengaluru

The Hotel management Department of Christ, established in 1991 and has 11 full-time faculties with great experience and highly professional skills. The number of courses is wide which provides great exposure to the students to carve themselves for great future ahead in this industry. This is in the top list of the hotel management institutes in India.

Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bengaluru

AICTE, established in 1996, is approved by All India Council for Technical Education and affiliated to Bangalore University. The campus of the institute is spread in 12 acres with innumerable department and training classes where in students get a complete training of hotel management degrees and make themselves ready for a great heights successes in this field.

Institute of Hotel Management, Gwalior

Established in 1987 and upgraded in 1992, the Institute of Hotel Management, Gwalior is in the list of top Hotel Management Institute in India. It is established by the Ministry of Tourism Government of Madhya Pradesh. The college offers accommodation and hotels to the students as well and with well-experienced faculty, the college is well known and makes the career of the students well bright in the field of hotel management.

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Lucknow

IHM, Lucknow was established in 1969, the best Hotel Management institute in India. Where students from the native city and the cities around Lucknow come up to take the admission. The trained faculty of the institute turns the whole personality of the student into highly p[roffesional employee that get huge job opportunities worldwide. The institute provides accommodation facility as well and is well known top hotel management institute in India.


These are the 10 best Hotel Management Colleges in India. You can select the best one before the admission and carve your career with the best institutes of hotel management that will add wings to your career all over the globe. You can also look for admissions in central government hotel management colleges in India but with a better preparation to crack the entrance test.

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