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Types Of Hospitality Careers

Types of hospitality careers – What is hospitality? Hospitality career is for those who enjoy playing the host. From hotel work and tourism,  nightlife to catering, options are truly endless. It’s the responsibility of the food service department and the hotel managers to look after the guests. And provide them with a satisfying experience with their meal and accommodation. Taking care of overall operations in the hotel, resort, bar etc with many distinctive designations is the responsibilities in a hospitality career. Let us discuss more the types of hospitality careers below. 

The hospitality staff is responsible for managing all sort of operations including ensuring guest’s comfort and satisfaction, overseeing staff, reviewing budgets etc. Probably the hospitality jobs are for long hours as this is 24*7 business. In a hospitality career, students opt for different subjects of interests and perform different duties in their career. From chef, bartender to the attendant, receptionist all sort of job designations are there in a hospitality career. Hayes Institute of Hotel Management offers the best career options in hospitality. Here are types of hospitality careers below. 

Types of Hospitality Careers

What are the different jobs in a hotel? What all are the hospitality management careers?  There are a number of types in hospitality career that are entitled to perform their duties. Every career type in hospitality has its own importance and responsibilities that lead to smooth working at the workplace. There are different types of hospitality services.

Chef, bakers, bartenders, servicing staff, coordinators, attendees, servants all together play a vital role. Choosing hospitality provides you with a number of options to built up your career at great wages. Further, you will come to know about some major hotel positions and job descriptions. Scroll below to check out the list of careers in hospitality and toursism. 

Sales and Marketing Manager

Every international hotel chain hires sales and marketing managers to bring partnerships and new clients. Sales managers are important in hospitality as these bring business to the hotel and showcase to clients that what their hotel has to offer. From presentations to hosting marketing events and trips are the day-to-day duties of marketing managers. To get good growth in this field one needs to prove track record in sales 8with a degree in marketing and sales, Probably this is one of the strong career types in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Receptionist

Going for receptionist career in hospitality is not easy as it sounds, you are the very first face of the entire hotel with whom clients interact with. You can really help shape your guests stay and impact the impression of the hotel. There are scope to get promoted to a managerial position as a receptionist are supposed to handle day to day operations and solve the queries of the clients. So it is a challenging career type of course with good salary packages.

Head Chef

Head chefs that play a vital role in the food service department is one of the major and important career types in the hospitality industry. Because you can get job opportunities as head chef in restaurant, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos etc. The role of the head chef is to look after the food quality and menu maintenance, these oversee the entire operation of the kitchen. From the placement of order to preparation and delivery take care of each tiny thing and make the working of the kitchen in an organized way.

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager is the one who manages all the things or operations of the working of the staff. And the prime role of the hotel managers is to keep their customers satisfied. This hospitality job description will better clear you the hospitality in the actual sense.

Check out the guests, supervise the standard  of the room, hire and train new members, the arrangement of any event, from maintaining the data to maintain the class of the hotel and keep the things and staff in desired manner in order to run the working smoothly rare the work of hotel managers which is a great career type in hospitality industry. 

Director of Housekeeping

The director of housekeeping as the designation says is to direct the operations of housekeeping staff is the role of director of housekeeping. The director of housekeeping ensures that the standard of cleanliness and attention to the details is kept throughout their terms.

And they are responsible to solve the staff issues and run the working of the staff in an organized way. In addition, the director of the housekeeping department is also responsible for managing the budget of the department.


If you are well-versed, knowledge and skilled in mixing the cocktails then this job career is all for you in the hospitality industry.  You can work in a swanky bar in the posh hotel. The bartender is intended to provide the desired cocktails to the clients with a good knowledge of mixing. In addition, this job career in hospitality is quite entertaining and of course a great responsibility as well with a good amount of salary packages.


Therefore these types of career in hospitality are great opportunities in the hospitality industry.  If you are interested in the hospitality industry then the options of career are innumerable. Including the cruise entertainer, front house manager, event manager, bakers, culinary artists etc. This is is a wide area of grooming career growth.


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