Career Prospects

The Hospitality Industry is the fastest growing and the most dynamic industry in the world, yet still has a shortage of suitably qualified and experienced people to lead it in this 21st century. Currently one in every 10 people around the world is employed into the hospitality industry. Hospitality and tourism in India is the 3rd largest net foreign exchange earner currently at $4.3 billion. Therefore, choosing a career in hospitality industry provides student enormous oppurtunities.

It is estimated that between now and the year 2020, the hotel industry will generate 250 million jobs which will consist of approximately 10% of total world. Travel & Tourism council estimated that employment oppurtunities in hotel industry in India will increase to 15 million by 2020. 

The hospitality industry is like a rich abundant buffet. Sometimes there's so much on offer that dinners have a hard time deciding what to put on their plates. For some job seekers who know they want to make their careers in the hospitality industry, it may be difficult to decide what part of this "buffet" will best suit their interests and talents. 

Hospitality calls on a multitude of different talents, including both business savvy and artistic creativity. It allows you to develop your own combination of skills and interests and to find a position corresponding to your own unique profile. 

Out of the Box Opportunities :

Because of its wide range of business activities and specializations, hospitality also allows you to change fields easily with in the industry. You can shift direction as your interests change & grow.

Discover new countries, new cultures, new people, new ideas. The industry is global and international. You may choose to have an international career. 

Climbing Up Rapidly :

The hospitality industry is the largest and one of the most dynamic in the world today. If you have energy, creativity, a true entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality at your finger tips, you will be able to reach positions of responsibility very early in your career. Hospitality allows rapid upward mobility. It depends on you : "If you want you can do it".

Career Options in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is the exciting, fun loving and glamorous industry.Being service intensive, it has wide range of jobs to offer.People are never going to stop eating so, hotel industry will never go out of business.The hospitality, tourism and airlines are the biggest employers across the globe.They offer high rewarding jobs along with a great lifestyle and many opportunities to travel to exoctic locations.There are 250 million jobs currently in the hospitality with 40 million bieng in India alone. Job opportunities for Hotel Management graduates are tremendous.A graduate can join in the variety of roles to begin with his career.Some of the work are roles are diven below for reference:

Organizational Employment :

  • Management Trainee
  • Operations Executive
  • Guest Relation Executive
  • Employees in Flight Kitchens
  • Caterning Executive & Chefs
  • Faculty in Hospitality & Tourism Management Institutes
  • Cabin Crew in Airlines
  • Marketing & Sales Executive in the Industry
  • Customers Service Professional
  • Cruise Ship Employees
  • Media Professionals
  • Casino Professionals
  • Bars and Clubs Executives
  • Facilities Managers in Multi National Companies
  • Revenue Management Executives

Self Employment :

  • Entrepreneur (Hospitalitypreneur)
  • Freelance Consultants
  • Catering Managers
  • Facility Consultants
  • Trainers

The salaries of hotel employees have increased by 20 to 25 percent in the last one year alone.This is due to the hotels competing with other sector such as bthe booming retail and fast food industries for unskilled and semi skilled labour. The employment costs are rising with employees demanding higher benefits.